Corporate Company Profile

Starçelik offer you appropriate solutions to their needs.

Factory, workshop, auto service and so on. We are always ready to produce performance-enhancing solutions in place as Starçelik.

STAR ÇELİK has moved its story of production which started in 200 m2 area in the year 1976 moved into its own facility for 2400 m2 area in 2005 and into its new factory for 5500 m2 area in the year 2007. Therefore it became to satisfy the demands of foreign markets. STAR ÇELİK makes exportations to some countries like Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium and Russia.

Today, STAR ÇELİK has a wide range of products related with the workshops, warehouses, factories, services and offices and manufactures Industrial and Office Working equipments like Tool Cabinets, Workbenches, Shelving Systems, Store equipments, Carrier equipments, Mass Communication Medias, Archiving Systems, Project Cabinets, Card Index, Hanging Files and Folder Cabinets, etc. and except the standard products, it can also satisfy the special demands according to the various needs.


With its design, supply, product and sale departments STAR ÇELİK become the industry leader by providing excellent service and high quality products for customer requirements. As an integral part of the corporate philosophy, it has a service mentality that makes a conscientious, fastidious approach to the details.

It provides the project needs according to the customer characteristic. In our product development department, we are continuously working on the new and innovative solutions by taking the better working environments, productive and economical working conditions and user safety into the consideration. 

The most important item of our corporate philosophy is detailing the requests and finds a solution by studying carefully. Our design, research and development projecting team is working on the new and innovative solutions that are focused onto the productivity and user safety.